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Stay connected with us as we revolutionize the cannabis industry with quality products, and memorable brands that you can rely on.  Exclusive Ann Arbor is Michigan’s pioneer in the cannabis space and we are determined to be your trusted supplier for the best cannabis products on the market!


BUDTENDER CORNER: Cannabis and Meditation

BUDTENDER CORNER: Cannabis and Meditation

When I think about cannabis and meditation, it leads me to appreciate the development of both. Now that recreational marijuana is easily, safely, and readily available at your fingertips, the two will continue to hold a new-age vibe.

Practitioners surely become aware of the changes in life from meditation, while cannabis has the tendency to calm the nervous system down, allowing us to function a bit better in our daily lives. This affects our ability to juggle emotions and improves our memory. Using both also simply generates kindness and promotes connections to our environment and Mother Earth!



One of the most exciting things about being a part of Exclusive Brands is seeing all the cool products and their development first hand. One of my favorite products we produce in our processing center is our Kushy Punch gummies. Kushy Punch started out as a California brand, ranking #1 in their statewide gummy brands and winning over 20 different industry awards including High Times, Dope, Hall of Flowers. Kushy Punch is a hard hitting full spectrum cannabinoid gummy is definitely jumping the charts for edibles in Michigan. This brand was established in 2014 to serve patients seeking a low-calorie medication with micro dosing as an option. It also comes in a sugar-free version for diabetics, or anyone else conscious of their sugar intake!

These delightful little gummies are made with NO artificial flavors or sweeteners and do taste just like the flavors on the box. Being that we use a full spectrum (all cannabinoid) oil for our gummies, they do have a slight weed taste (VERY SLIGHT) but it’s worth it for all of the benefits inside. When gummies are made with full spectrum oil, they include CBD, CBG, and CBN in addition to the THC you find in other brands. This full spectrum cannabinoid oil can help to remedy a magnitude of ailments, pains, anxieties, and stresses. These gummies are also great for daily activities, movies, yoga, hiking, and pretty much anything else you can think of! Some who are more prone to anxiety attacks when ingesting THC prefer full spectrum products because CBD and CBG can help lessen anxiety.

What is the Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana?

What is the Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana?

Medical marijuana has gained popularity over time, with the increase in doctors’ recommendations, legalized access, and licensed dispensaries. Today, more people are wondering about the differences between medical and recreational marijuana – if it is really safe, regulated, or beneficial for use.

Marijuana is often referred to as cannabis or weed and is produced from the hemp plant, one of the many strains of the Cannabis plant species. The plant itself will produce over 400 different chemical compounds throughout its life span. The cannabis plant was mainly used for industrial purposes to make fibers, like ropes and sails for use, back in the 1700s. Other uses include textiles, clothing, insulation, and biofuel.

The marijuana plant itself contains 113 chemical compounds that scientists call cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have different effects and benefits on the human body. Typically, the two main cannabinoids in marijuana use are THC and CBD – Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and Cannabidiol or CBD. THC is the psychoactive element in marijuana that produces the “high” while CBD does not.

What to Do in Michigan? – Check Out These 9 Fun Activities

What to Do in Michigan? – Check Out These 9 Fun Activities

Michigan’s most-visited tourist destinations include a wide range of interests thanks to the state’s diverse landscape, rich history, and legendary city of Detroit.

There are endless opportunities for those who are looking to enjoy nature, especially along the shores of the Great Lakes, where you can find freshwater dunes and coastal habitats far from the sea.

Visiting historical sites, like living history museums, is one of the popular things to do, especially Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island, which is part of the Henry Ford historic sites.

For those looking for a faster pace, Detroit is an excellent place to visit, a city which has worked hard to embrace its significant contributions as the Motor City while evolving into a top tourist destination and cultural center.

And of course, for a bit more recreational type activity, be sure to visit us, Exclusive Ann Arbor, a new, reputable, high-quality Michigan dispensary.

Now onto the attractions!

States with Legal Recreational Marijuana – Learn About It Here

States with Legal Recreational Marijuana – Learn About It Here

Weed doesn’t quite have the edgy shadow of rebellion attached to it like it used to. It’s everywhere now: from your favorite characters on TV pulling out a bong and taking a rip, to your cousin that keeps showing up to family functions stoned out of their mind. However you look at it, marijuana is definitely way more mainstream than it was back then.

The lifting of the hazy veil around weed is partly thanks to the slow and steady push for the legalization of recreational marijuana across the country. While thirty-three states have already signed legal medical marijuana use into law, the move to approve recreational cannabis use is still only gaining traction. In June last year, the Governor of Illinois signed a bill that legalized the sale of recreational marijuana for adults over 21, making it only the eleventh state in the country to do so. It might still be a while until we see the next few states get on board with the trend of legal cannabis use for recreation, but until then, there are at least 11 states where you can enjoy smoking up without looking over your shoulder.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan? – Read Here First

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan? – Read Here First

Medical marijuana cards in Michigan are being issued by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

With the Michigan medical marijuana program, Michigan residents and patients with state-approved medical marijuana cards are allowed and are able to purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries and provisioning centers.




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